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Virgin Drink....but you can add Alcohol!

So on Wednesday it was all about the virgin drink I made. This one can enjoy an alcohol addition if you want, but it was fantastic without it! Nice and refreshing and made you feel like you had a drink on a warm summer day. It's all about the ingredients. I used herbs from my garden and I added the syrups on our Amazon Page linked on the front page of Housley Wine and Dine....this site.



-Apple Juice

-Soda Water

-Ginger Syrup

-Hibiscus Syrup

-Mint Leaves


-Orange for Garnish...or Lemon...or Lime


I use a Soda Stream and recomend it highly...and I don't even drink soda, but it works great to make drinks and for when the fam wants one. This drink is sooooooo easy. Put Ice in the glass. Then put in 1/3 apple juice and 2/3 soda water. Add one teaspoon of each syrup. Smack a couple of mint leaves and drop them into the drink and garnish with a couple of blackberries!

See....that easy!!

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