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An Emmy and AP award-winning American journalist, former professional baseball player, and current winery owner, Adam has always loved family, travel, food, photography, and meeting people and over the years, his careers have allowed him to do just that. 


As a journalist, Adam covered more major stories over a 17-year span than any other American television news personality. His coverage has been featured a nd noted in, among others, The Los Angeles Times, Mediabistro, The New York Times, TV Guide, USA Today, and The Napa Register. 

He was on the air as the war started in Kuwait, when the first Iraqi missiles came, he was also the only correspondent in the world who had boarded the USS Milius destroyer weeks before and been briefed on the U.S. missiles that would start "shock and awe".


Besides multiple assignments covering wars and unrest in countries like Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel, Pakistan, the Persian Gulf, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. Adam has also covered Central and South America extensively. He was the first correspondent to score an exclusive interview with Daniel Ortega in years and he reported not only from Nicaragua, but El Salvador, Colombia, Guyana, Guatemala, and more than 35 stories inside Mexico alone. In Venezuela, Adam was on the air as former leader Hugo Chavez dealt with major unrest, he and his team were teargassed 6 times. Chavez also publicly threatened to have him arrested.


n Chile, Adam's bilingual reporting in English and Spanish was noted by several major media outlets. His coverage has also been applauded by the media for reports on both the Southeast Asian Tsunami in Thailand, the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear meltdown, and during the Haitian Earthquake. He has also reported on tensions in Korea and flew with Major League Baseball for a tour of Taiwan.

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Domestically, Adam was first on scene for the San Bernardino Terror Attack and for the Las Vegas Attack. He broke many major developments in both stories. He was also FNC's lead reporter for Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2003 recall campaign and in December 2005, Housley was one of a few reporters selected to witness the execution of murderer Stanley "Tookie" Williams at San Quentin.


Overall he has also covered twelve hurricanes, including Katrina and Rita and was one of only 2 crews who stayed in the Florida Keys when the Category 5 Hurricane Irma hit. He also rode out the eye of hurricane Ivan. Housley also reported live on the Boston Bombing and the shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport .

During the protests in August and November 2014, Housley was one of the reporters for Fox on the scene in Ferguson, Missouri. He reported live as the fires were still burning on Florissant Avenue, and some of his tweets prompted viewers to donate money to local businesses whose property was damaged during the protests and subsequent fires.


In Sports Adam covered the suspension of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, the Barry Bonds homerun chase and steroid investigation, World Series, SuperBowls, NBA playoffs, ran with the bulls in Arizona swam with sharks off of Mexico and learned how to bullfight. 


In April 2013, he secured an exclusive interview with a special operations whistle-blower who felt the government betrayed the four men who died in the Benghazi attacks on September 11. He also had an exclusive interview with airmen who sat on the tarmac waiting to be sent to help in Libya. Both interviews resulted in Congressional hearings and one resulted in an FBI release of the most wanted Libyan terrorist list.


Adam also broke the FBI scandal story and exclusively reported and broke the DOJ unmasking controversy. 

A double bachelor degree graduate in political science and telecommunications from Pepperdine University, Housley played on the 1992 National Champion College World Series baseball team and spent two summers playing for Harwich in the Cape Cod League. He was also a Junior Olympic All-American baseball player as a pitcher and hitter. Prior to his career in television, Housley played professional baseball and was drafted by the Montreal Expos and played for both the Milwaukee Brewers and the Detroit Tigers minor league organizations, pitching in 97 games and reaching AA.


Adam is a two-time media fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and received his MA in international relations from the University of Arizona. He is a member of the Pepperdine University Hall of Fame and also the Vintage High School Sports Hall of Fame.


His photographs range from stories that have captured the attention of the world, to exotic vacation spots, to wine and locales back home in Northern California. Family has always been his first priority and he enjoys taking his beautiful wife and two children around the globe, as he captures their sights, experiences, and the beauty the world has to offer. Adam has visited 50 countries and 44 states..rides a Harley and his horse...practices Tai Kwon Do and is fluent in Spanish.


He is married to the love of his life Tamera Mowry Housley and they have two amazing children. Oh...and they also won the celebrity cupcake wars and have their own YouTube Channel 'The Housley Life'. After leaving news he expanded the family wine business and now is the President of Housley's Century Oak Winery and Housley Napa Valley, while still dabbling in journalism thanks to social media.


12 Hurricanes including Katrina, Rita, Ivan & Irma

War on Terror in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan & Persian Gulf

Chilean Mine Rescue

Southeast Asian Tsunami & Japanese Tsunami

Haitian Earthquake

Las Vegas Attack first on scene

San Bernardino Terror Attack first on scene

Aurora Colorado

Venezuelan Unrest

More than 30 major Fires

North Korean Missile Launch

Boston Bombing

40 Stories from Mexico & the Border

10 Latin American Countries & 24 Overall

More than 50 Excusives

To name just a few....

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