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Philly Cheesesteaks!

This was such an easy recipe, yet tasted amazing. The key is great thin sliced meat and fantastic break. It's quick and easy and tasty.


1lb of thin sliced sirloin

1lb of thin sliced ribeye

One large sliced white onion...sliced in strips

1 Green bell pepper chopped

sliced provolone cheese

sandwich rolls

salt and pepper to taste

mustard and mayo


1. Heat the griddle to high after oiling the surface

2. Add onions and peppers and make sure to move them around so they don't burn

3. Place 1/4 lb of sirloin and 1/4lb of ribeye on the griddle

4. Salt and pepper the meat to taste

5. after about 2-3 minutes flip the meat over and then place a slice of provolone on top

6. Separately slice open the roll and pit light mayo on both sides. Then place that bread opened over the top of the meat and cheese as it cooks together. After about 2 minutes fold it all together and add onions and peppers from grill.

7. Add mustard to taste.

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1 Comment

Antonia GF
Antonia GF
May 28, 2020

I‘m still trying to figure out what happened to this episode?

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